Lathe-turning – Grinding - Welding

Lathe- turning and Grinding

Lathe –turning and grinding is an important part of our production. Mainly focused on out own need, but of course also on our customers Leeds.

SV18 RA soustruh gah s.r.o.

SV 18 R

Turning lathe
Swing over bed: 380 mm
Swing over support: 215 mm
Top width: 1000 mm
Spindle hole: 42 mm
Maximum length of workpiece: 1200 mm
Largest diameter of the workpiece: 380 mm

bruska na plocho G a H s.r.o.

BPH 20

Horizontal grindig machine
Type ogf grinding: even wise and shaping wise

Magnetic desk: 630×200 mm
Movement of the desk:
630 mm length travel
230 mm width travel
360 mm vertical movement of the table
Maximum weigth of the workpiece 180kg
Maximum dimension of the grand article 600x200mm
Digital measuring

bruska na kulato G a H s.r.o.

BUA 16 A

Universal Center Grinding Machine
whitout internal grinding device for precision grinding of outher, inner such as cone

Maximum cross movement of the grinding workhead: 290 mm
Maximum circulating diameter: 160 mm
Tip distance: 250 mm
Maximum tenght of the ground component: 250 mm
Maximum diametr of the ground komponent: 160 mm


V20A G a H s.r.o.


Four spingle dribling machine
Sinking, reaming, threads

Drilling diameter: 1-20 mm
Drilling depth: 160 mm
Table camping area : 2000 x 900 mm

Marking of parts

Marking of parts on the EC9 –marking machine is carried out according to the requierements of the klient. At the same time we ceck the parts before the final surface modification.


We weld with the aid of the following methods: TID, MIG/MAG, CO2

Tailor-made metal produktion and CNC-machining. We occupy ourselves with the production
of independent parts, single-purpose machines and with the assembly of complete setups
according to the drawing documentation.

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